Monday, 11 July 2011

The Lunatics have taken over the Asylum!!!!!

A while back Andy Skinner Blogged a Steam punked Calender When I saw it I thought that would be great for Me ol matey Nicks Birthday and as I had a couple of those calender thingys lying about I thought nice one ! I can do my version of one !
However !!!
she beat me to it and sent me one for my birthday first LOL
So !
as she likes to let those Octopodes out too often I have decided to lock them up for a while LOL It is suppose to say on it
'The Lunatics have taken over the Asylum'
only I forgot and have sent it on for Herself to apply LOL
Now she has finally opened it its safe for me to come out
Happy Birthday Matey xx
Thanks for passing by x


  1. Oh wow, Nicks will love this am sure, simply brilliant work Lynn and such fun. Annette x

  2. Ha ha right up her street! Love it!

  3. Oh no have i missed it.This is just brilliant and you know she will love it.Thanks for visiting me and yep i'm not too bad ta.xxxx

  4. Fan-blinkin-tastic!
    Are you sure Nicks will luuurrrrve it? only I could make a very good home for it!! lol

  5. Yes Debs she is sure....

    The Lunatics label is now in place LOL


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