Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Long time no Blog

Ok so haven't been on here for a while time sort of stood still last year with my Mum being diagnosed with Altzeimers and sorting out things for her with the rest of the family . Followed by shingles and a major operation in May . But there were good time my Daughter got married in June and my Son got Married in August it was so nice to see and be part of their wonderful days . The rest of my year I spent learning to crochet at our local craftmania shop going to workshops there for paper crafting and meeting some wonderful people which is what I needed . So hopefully Incan get back to blogging regularly again instead of haunting Facebook 😊. So here is a selection of everything I have done last year and you are getting it all at once . Good to be back .


  1. There were loads more but forgot to take pics before sending off to people x

  2. It's so good to see you back! Sorry to hear about your Mum, I hope she is doing ok. I hope you are recovered from your op and the shingles. I am glad you had some fun times too - weddings are fab! You have been busy with your crafting! You crochet is brilliant - you have learnt to do so much stuff! xxx


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