Saturday, 29 May 2010

Lost the will to craft ATM !

What with thieving git's stealing money out of our bank now the washing machine is broke as it wont pump out so got to wait till next Thursday till they come out and fix it Joy!!!!

On a lighter note off to a Body shop party tonight so that will be fun need a night out .


  1. dont let the bastards get you down xxxxxxxxx

  2. oh no lynn, thats awful hun. have a lovely night out and make sure you are the one who get demo'ed on!!! all that pampering should cheer you up xxx

  3. Not the best of weeks Lynn. Have fun tonight. Annette x

  4. Aw sorry your having such a naff time.. would it cheer you up to know you have a mermaid waiting here patiently for you :)
    just need your mail addy to post her to you x

  5. Sorry you are having a bad time. Hope things get better soon.


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