Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Roll on summer

Not been up to much ,everyone here has had the winter sickness bug and I am absolutely fed up with snow sleet rain and cold !!

And on top of that my Mum has had a turn again and her incompetent doc has said it could be mini strokes she is having and is she at the hospital having tests No
she has to go back in the morning while he reads her notes tonight because the twit cannot use a PC .
I mean he didn't even use pen and paper to take notes .
Next time this happens we are going straight to casualty unfortunately she was at the docs today while she had this episode .
Apart from that we are not going quietly mad and I am giving up red wine for Lent due to a little bit too much at a dinner party a couple of weeks ago LOL.
No crafting not in the mood but am thinking about it !!!


  1. Do hope everyone is OK now. Look forward to seeing additions to your blog

  2. I dont normally do 'blog awards' but I have today and I have awarded you one.... you dont have to respond if you think they are tacky (and I wont blame you) but you may want to maybe hop over and read mine xx


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