Sunday, 28 February 2010

I can smell Spring coming

Its starting to spring back to life out you can smell the green stuff there new buds emerging and bulbs starting to peep out snowdrops blooming Oh I do so love this time of the year .

Mum is being sorted out it was a drug issue and not Mini strokes as her GP scared us with we are hoping to see an improvement with her in a month so that was a nice bit of news .

I am ready to do some crafting in my mind again so watch this space .

Thanks for dropping by x


  1. oh fush I didnt realise things were not good with your mum, sorry hun, I am pleased it is not mini strokes. Looking forward to seeing some crafty things, its not stopped raining here all night, I hope you are right about the spring, it has been far to cold for far to long! lol. Have a lovely

  2. hiyah lynn, sending ig hugs for you hun and following xxxxxx, lou


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