Saturday, 26 December 2009

From Art and Soul

Well I finally finished this Christmas Eve in time to go on my newly decorated dining room wall for the big day .
I bought the frame from QD as I wanted something to display work that had been sent to me instead of shutting it away in an old folder .
It was just painted with acrylics and stamped here and there not a clever choice of stamp round the edges but I like it with a few embellishments stuck on ,the atc's are held on with wooden clothes pegs so if I want to change the Atc's I can ,I really love it and it makes a change from those generic canvass pictures that are on sale every where at the moment .

Credit for the Atc's goes to WyvernSian, Joey, crafty critter and Tish/Kent

Oh And Merry Christmas and very happy new year from me and mine xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  1. I'm loving it!!! what a great idea using the pegs!

  2. This is a great idea for displaying ATCs, and I'm honoured to see one of mine there!

  3. Well still have more of yours Sian if I want a change LOL


Thankyou for your comments x